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Going Green in Construction

The nation’s buildings and infrastructure will become more efficient, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting energy consumption, according to a new green construction plan released Thursday by AGC. The plan outlines measures designed to stimulate demand for green construction projects, boost infrastructure capacity, and improve building efficiency and green construction practices.

The news was covered… Continue reading

Construction employment

Construction employment expanded in 26 states and the District of Columbia between February and March 2010, yet only Arkansas and North Dakota have more construction workers than they did a year ago according to a new analysis of federal employment figures released today by the Associated General Contractors of America. The new figures, while offering room for optimism,… Continue reading

NC economy ahead of the nation

“The housing market has been a key part of this recession. Price declines have limited new construction and reduced household wealth. Federal housing data show home prices actually edged higher in North Carolina in the fourth quarter of 2009, while still dropping in the nation. Also, since last spring, wage and salary payments to… Continue reading

Corrosion in Homes and Connections to Chinese Drywall

Results from a major indoor air study of 51 homes today along with initial reports from two studies of corrosion in homes with Chinese drywall, show a strong association between homes with the problem drywall and the levels of hydrogen sulfide in those homes and corrosion of metals in those homes. To… Continue reading

I ran out of time, what do I need to know about taking the exam?

Make no mistake, the NC General Contractor Exam, Building and Residential, is very hard to pass. PSI is in the test taking business, they would love to have you as a repeat customer. A common mistake is to take the exam in the order the… Continue reading


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